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We have closely been watching and feeling deeply sorry for the long time continuing wild fires in Australia, devastating millions of hectares of forest and bush regions, and killing millions of species including human being.

While being in deep sadness just because of this tragedy, we have heard that the thought of mercilessly shooting and massacring tens of thousands of wild camels and horses in Southern Australia State will be in action just because of the supposedly idea that these animals consuming too much water, producing too much methane which is considered as one of the sera gases causing to climate changes, and harming the agriculture and settlement regions. This opinion has doubled our sadness and anger.   

We are in deep difficulty in understanding this brutal idea of Federal Australian Government which, at every opportunity, acts as a strong animal welfare supporter. Hence, why the support provided for the koalas and kangaroos is not shown for the camels and horses. We do not understand why those who see the animal slaughtering rituals being practiced in various religions including Islam as ‘’brutal massacre’’, do not raise their voices against this uncivilized act. Where are the animal rights groups?

In Koran, Sura The Poets, verses 155-158, God mentions about the story of mesenger Salih and his people: “Here is a she-camel: she has a right of watering, and ye have a right of watering, (severally) on a day appointed. Touch her not with harm, lest the Chastisement of a Great Day seize you. But they ham-strung her: then did they become full of regrets. But the Chastisement seized them. Verily in this is a Sign: but most of them do not believe’’. We believe that this is still a vital message for those who live today.

We believe that every creature has right to live, not being massacred just because of consuming water, which seems a funny thought.  Instead, we believe that in a similar situation just like happening in Australia right now, various humanly alternatives can be found. These animals had been brought to Australia from abroad by human being, and forced to live hereby. They can be transferred to their natural habitats. They can be humanly caught and slaughtered for those who are in urgent need for consumption in the world. They can be sterilized. The killing method is applied under very rare epidemic diseases but at this stage this is no the case. 

We deeply condemned the idea of massacre wild camels and horses. Yet, we are carefully noting the supporters of the idea and their ways of expressing their ideas. Finally, we invite the whole world focusing on this tragedy with more concern and sensitivity.

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